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Institute for Development of Environmental-Economic Accounting

IDEEA Group helps build capacity for the practical application of environmental-economic accounting to plan and report on natural capital management outcomes.

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Sustain and grow the value of natural capital

IDEEA Group enables decision makers to define, assess and understand what it takes to sustain and grow the ecological, economic and social value of natural capital.

IDEEA Group shows how environmental-economic accounting provides a holistic, integrated platform to support more effective decision making by businesses, governments, local authorities and others aiming for best practice in natural capital management.

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IDEEA Group are experts in customised applications of EEA principles described in the United Nations ‘ System for Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA).

Drawing on decades of experience at international, multi-national, national and regional levels, IDEEA Group works with policy makers, business and industry sector managers, primary producers, financial service providers and NGOs to help take full advantage of opportunities created by the application of SEEA aligned approaches.

IDEEA Group provides hands-on guidance and support to:

  • understand the principles underlying effective application of environmental-economic accounting
  • understand how to integrate ecosystem modelling and other environmental data using SEEA and NCP based approaches
  • evaluate internally and report externally on the environmental-economic outcomes of policies, investments and management practices
  • build capacity for collecting and integrating environmental data into the everyday planning and assessment of government and business decisions
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Restore ecosystem capacity to sustain human wellbeing

IDEEA Group empowers local efforts to manage the environment in ways that restore and sustain the flow of ecosystem services, which are essential to human wellbeing.

IDEEA Group shows how environmental-economic accounting provides a shared platform for collaborative development of effective policies and practices at the ecosystem and community level.

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IDEEA Group is driven by the belief that factoring the environment into economic decision-making is humanity’s only chance to move towards more sustainable patterns of economic growth.

IDEEA Group is committed to support all efforts that embrace the potential of EEA in practical ways that will realise better outcomes for local ecosystems, and local people who depend on them.

IDEEA Group aims to provide a focal point for natural systems thinkers who share our aspirations, and to supply practical resources to anyone interested in the application of EEA to realise more sustainable management of our declining natural capital base.

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Translate EEA principles into effective practice

A common language

IDEEA Group facilitates the practical implementation of environmental-economic accounting across a wide range of sectoral, geographic and operational contexts. The SEEA standard aligns these efforts, enabling all participants to add to and draw from a shared pool of standard metrics and reporting frameworks.

The practical challenge is to integrate SEEA based systems into organisation-specific contexts for policy development, strategy planning and operational performance management.

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Examples of the practical ways that IDEEA helps organisations to apply environmental-economic accounting are :

  • Primary industry – e.g. integrating environmental accounts into corporate annual reporting, farm level operational accounts
  • International NGO – e.g. developing a standard framework for integrating poverty reduction and environmental protection indices
  • Finance – e.g. building awareness of SEEA amongst financial analysts responsible for long-term investment planning
  • Industry authorities – e.g. supporting development of global standards for reporting the environmental impacts of tourism
  • Government – e.g. facilitating inter-agency planning for the implementation of SEEA as part of regional and national accounting

The first step in any IDEEA engagement is always to asses how environmental-economic accounting is most relevant to realising an organisation’s goals.



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