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The need for IDEEA Group services

From primary producers to national governments, IDEEA Group clients are faced with the same basic challenges for adopting Environmental-Economic Accounting (EEA) as an integral aspect of decision making. Our services help clients to address these challenges:

Understand EEA principles and practices

IDEEA Group supports organisations to develop awareness and increase understanding around EEA issues and opportunities. These services include running seminars and workshops, publishing papers, and facilitating networking events.

Integrate local ecosystem data into EEA aligned metrics

IDEEA Group  assists organisations to develop standard EEA data collection, reporting and analysis tools. These services involve reviews and assessments of existing systems, operational definition of EEA metrics based on available data, and description of additional inputs required to fill gaps.

Implement reporting in line with SEEA standards

IDEEA Group helps organisations to establish protocols and frameworks to apply the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) to their context-specific reporting needs. These services involve consulting and operational design of reporting systems and protocols.

Integrate EEA metrics into decision making protocols

IDEEA Group supports a growing number of organisations to develop the internal skills-sets needed to implement and apply EEA as a decision making support tool. These services include workshops, training courses, and professional development webinars.


IDEEA Group’s services are tailored to each client’s specific needs and context. They usually include some mix of:

  • Environmental-economic risk and opportunity assessment
  • Facilitation of cross-disciplinary networking and collaboration
  • Design and specification of data integration and reporting systems
  • Professional development in practical implementation and application of EEA for management reporting and planning

National Governments

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Align departmental efforts around common objectives and comply efficiently with UN system reporting requirements

  • Facilitate interdepartmental planning to implement national environmental-economic accounts according to the SEEA
  • Facilitate alignment around EEA based metrics to define effective approaches to monitoring the UN Sustainable Development Goals

International Agencies

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Promote, coordinate and support international adoption of SEEA based planning and reporting in line with SDGs

  • Facilitate the creation of industry or sector based frameworks for aligning data collection and reporting based on SEEA
  • Develop new models for integrating information that links SDG efforts across governmental and NGO sectors

Natural Resource Management (NRM) Organisations

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Fulfil statutory obligations for demonstrating sustainable management of publicly owned natural resources

  • Establish data collection and reporting standards to integrate across sectors and minimise duplication of effort

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Peak Industry Bodies

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Lead industry-wide adoption of EEA as integral to sustainable best practices

  • Design sector-specific protocols for reporting performance against sustainable best practice benchmarks in line with EEA metrics
  • Integrate existing industry standards to align with SEEA guidelines


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Build common data gathering and reporting frameworks for evidence based best practice

  • Translate evidence-based best practice principles into EEA aligned key performance metrics for developmental and environmental programs

Banking and Financial service providers

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Maximise returns by better understanding natural capital opportunities and minimising exposure to natural capital risks

  • Develop EEA based tools for long-term investment risk analysis to support superior performance in retirement funds management

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Primary Producers

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Be recognised for and gain long term competitive advantages by moving to sustainability optimum practices

  • Design and support implementation of EEA frameworks within annual financial reports
  • Assess operational risks and design new management KPIs in line with EEA defined outcome objectives

Delivery of ideea services

IDEEA delivers its services in a variety of ways, including:

  • Speaking engagements and conference facilitation
  • Webinars and seminars
  • Professional training programs and best practice workshops
  • Research and development projects
  • Design and implementation support projects