Our Clients

IDEEA Group clients come from sectors involved in natural resource management all around the world, and each faces unique opportunities and challenges arising from potential implementation of EEA.

Examples of different client projects are listed below, some of which are outlined in more detail in the Case Studies section.

United Nations World Tourism Organisation

Adapting SEEA standards to best practice reporting and measurement standards for Tourism operators

Government of Bangladesh

Running cross-divisional workshops to educate and plan for inter-departmental collaboration to create a common set of EEA reporting measures and frameworks

Vic Super

Assessing long-term investment sector viability and promoting adoption of EEA as a way to reinforce a superior social responsibility positioning


Developing and implementing corporate EEA frameworks for annual reporting to shareholders and other stakeholders. Read more.

United Nations Development Programme

Adapting SEEA frameworks to reflect the nexus between poverty mitigation and environmental protection and enhancement in developing countries.