Understanding and compiling natural capital accounts

IDEEA Group offers a wide range of tools relevant for training, measurement, data management, analysis and reporting for natural capital accounts. We can also tailor proven approaches to support organisation-specific decision-making protocols based around natural asset definitions and data management systems.


Understanding EEABring you and your team up to speed with the basics of EEA.

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Ecosystem Accounting 101

Check out key slides from our introductory Ecosystem Accounting 101 workshop

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Reflections on natural capital accounting at the national level: Advances in the system of environmental-economic accounting

Obst, C (2015) Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal; Vol. 6 Issue: 3, pp.315-339 doi: 10.1108/SAMPJ-04-2014-0020

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Decision Making

Natural Capital Protocol Alignment “Combining Forces” identifies steps required to build on the NCP framework to align Natural Capital information management with SEEA reporting and benchmarking standards

NCP-SEEA Tool kit is a part of the “Combining Forces” initiative being lead by the Natural Capital Coalition in partnership with the IDEEA Group.

Integrating ecosystem data – meeting in the middle

Look from both environmental and economic perspectives to plan the steps required to connect via NCA frameworks


Connect with the world’s most advanced software system for integrating ecosystem data into NCA standardised reporting

Ecosystem performance checklist

Identify risks and opportunities for NCA to underpin sustainable management of natural capital