Maximising returns on forestry’s natural capital


Healthy soils, reliable water and ample biodiversity underpin more profitable and sustainable businesses. At the same time, foresters around the world are faced with climate related risks and sustaining community support for the right to continue forest activities.

It is now widely accepted that the most holistic way for foresters to address these challenges is to integrate the concept of natural capital across their business. Natural capital thinking can be used to develop strategies, implement actions and build accounts that allow businesses to adapt to changing environmental contexts, capture new market opportunities for ecosystem services and manage reputational and other risks.

As a world leading natural capital consultancy, IDEEA Group has pioneered proven methods for assessing and integrating natural capital for improved forestry management.

Moving to embrace natural capital

Using an accounting approach, we draw on a wide array of tools and methodologies to customise solutions that reflect the specific needs of our clients


Assess your forestry operations through a natural capital lens


Compile and structure the data required to enable meaningful and credible analysis of your natural capital


Demonstrate ways to enhance the value and resilience of your natural capital


Integrate natural capital metrics and thinking with existing management, financial and operational systems

Services used by clients

  • Natural capital and biodiversity assessments
  • Review of natural capital and biodiversity related policies, including stakeholder analysis
  • Data classification, management and analysis
  • Natural capital accounts compilation
  • Risk and opportunity analysis, including supply chain risk assessments and environmental market opportunities
  • Natural capital and sustainability reports and performance indicator development
  • Executive and specialists training and capacity building