Integrated Capital Accounting

One approach to many challenges

Spatially integrated capital accounting (SICA) simplifies strategic challenges and opportunities by establishing a shared information base that supports many types of decisions and reporting requirements.

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Disparate perspectives, single purpose information sets and one-off assessments create problems for strategic leaders looking for a holistic solution to better decision making.

The ability to evaluate natural capital alongside produced capital creates a more holistic view of business risks, challenges and outcomes.

The principles of SICA explain how to streamline the collection, management and analysis of disparate data relevant to many interrelated business tasks.

Corporate pioneers are now looking to build more integrated information resources, data extraction and analysis tools to enable this more cost-efficient and holistic approach to assessing and reporting on the outcomes of business decisions.

Produced, Natural, Human and Social Capital

Just like natural and produced capital, both social and human capital are now recognised as critical aspects of sustainable business success.

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IDEEA Group is pioneering the application of spatially integrated capital accounting (SICA) that allows decision makers to gain the broadest possible picture of business assets, risks and opportunities.

Applying a consistent structure and logic to each type of capital enables the SICA to be customised for all decision making contexts and creates a common language and framework to assess economic, environmental and social outcomes in all situations.