Combining Forces

Making natural capital thinking mainstream

The Natural Capital Coalition in partnership with IDEEA Group has created ‘Combining Forces’ as a focal point to bring together different strands of thinking on natural capital. Combining Forces provides a convening network for aligning private and public sector efforts to bring natural capital thinking into the mainstream of economically driven decision making.

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It aims to initiate ideas, work collaboratively and identify opportunities for combined action.
As an open, cross-cutting network of experts from all sectors, working together to ensure that the value of nature is included in both public and private decision making, its specific goals are to:

  • continue to support each other’s work;
  • clarify how different natural capital approaches overlap and combine; and,
  • produce materials to support the inclusion of natural capital in public and private decision making.

Leading global alignment

IDEEA Group is leading the Combining Forces initiative on behalf of the Natural Capital Coalition. Our particular focus is to help align natural capital accounting principles and approaches across the private and public sectors.

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IDEEA Group published a paper late in 2017 that addresses potential areas of overlap between SEEA and the Natural Capital Protocol (NCP), which you can download here.

Following consultation with other members of the NCC, IDEEA Group will lead efforts to build on this foundation as an area of focus for the Combining Forces initiative. We welcome the opportunity to share ideas, work collaboratively and promote opportunities to realise the potential for better alignment.

Visit the Combining Forces page to see how you can be involved in progressing this important work.