About the IDEEA Group

Our Purpose

IDEEA Group enables everyone involved in environmental management to embrace EEA as a shared framework for sustainable economic and environmental decision making

Our Vision

Ecosystem health and vitality will be restored and sustained because of a globally shared understanding of its importance for people’s social and economic wellbeing


We welcome ideas and contributions from all sectors, disciplines and countries.
We are bold advocates for the important role that accounting can play in restoring ecosystem health and vitality
We are honest in explaining what we know and recognise the journey that must be taken to advance environmental-economic accounting.
We undertake research with due recognition of alternative views, aligned to the need for integrated reporting.
We ensure outputs are relevant to current decision making issues and contexts, while also providing a longer-term perspective.

Mark Eigenraam

Mark Eigenraam

Leading stakeholder engagement around the practical implementation of EEA.

For over twenty years Mark has lead the research, development and application of environmental markets and ecosystem accounting. This work has engaged a wide variety of industries, academic institutions and government agencies at regional, state and national levels., and has equipped Mark with a deep understanding of the complex issues surrounding sustainable resource management.

For example, Mark lead development of EcoTender, an auction based approach to procurement of environmental goods and services including carbon, water quality/quantity, terrestrial biodiversity, aquatic function and landscape function. EcoTender was built around EnSym, a spatial and temporal modelling platform used to estimate and evaluate impacts on stocks and flows of ecosystem services caused by changes in land management policies and practices.

Mark applied this market-based experience to inform Australia’s approach to environmental-economic accounting. He produced Australia’s first set of experimental ecosystem accounts and continues to develop new systems and processes to publish Australian environmental accounts in line with SEEA.

Prior to establishing IDEEA Mark managed a project funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment for the UN Statistical Division, UN Environment Programme and Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity. His role was to provide training and support development of  national plans for advancement of environmental-economic accounting in Vietnam, Indonesia, Chile, Mauritius, South Africa, Bhutan and Mexico.

Carl Obst

Carl Obst

Leading adaptation of SEEA principles to the design of context specific EEA solutions.

Carl was the lead author and editor of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) – the international standard for this area of work. This work built on a long career working in the national accounts, including 5 years as head of the Australian national accounts, and roles in the advancement of various national accounting work including the measurement of financial output, productivity and capital stock, tourism accounts and measures of sustainable development.

Using this rich understanding of national accounts concepts and practice, and his experience in engaging with policy makers in the use of accounts, Carl is able to confidently convey national accounting ideas across sectors and disciplines and find solutions for the integration of environmental and economic data. In recent years he has been a leading player in closing the gap between national and corporate accounting approaches to natural capital accounting and also in bridging the differences in view on valuation between accountants and economists.