SDGs in Asia and the Pacific

The Asian Development Bank has arranged a two day workshop in Bangkok to help policymakers in the Asia and Pacific region understand how to better integrate environmental dimensions of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 12,14 and 15) into development policies, plans and programs.

IDEEA Group’s Mark Eigenraam has been invited to give the the Innovative Tools Pitch on SEEA in the session devoted to Innovative Tools and Approaches.

The Walkabout session will provide an opportunity for workshop attendees to learn more about the value of SEEA and how IDEEA Group can help to support its implementation.

Measuring sustainable tourism

IDEEA Group will be presenting at the 6th UNWTO International Conference on Tourism Statistics in Manila during June. Under the broad conference theme of Measuring Sustainable Tourism,  our focus will be on SEEA aligned frameworks for integrating destination based measures of tourism’s impact across economic, social and environmental dimensions.

The Manila Conference aims to secure a Ministerial level resolution for UN members to adopt more sustainable, destination based development policies, as a key outcome for 2017 as The Year of Sustainable Tourism Development.